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Easy Awning Crank makes opening your awning EASY

(EAC™) – The affordable retractable awning crank: Easy Awning Crank 

The alternative to automatic and manual retractable awning cranks.

EAC™ is available for many types of awnings: 

  • Home Awnings
  • RV or Camper awnings
  • Patio awnings
  • Deck awnings
  • Window awnings
  • Doorwall awnings
  • Cottage awnings
  • Casita awnings

Easy Awning Crank is the ideal replacement. Compared to manual and automatic awning cranks, EAC™ makes opening your awning easy while saving you money!

Easy Awning Crank offers an alternative to the automatic and manual awning hand crank.  EAC™ is a Crank Handle Supplier for Retractable Manual Awnings. This awning crank handle pole product is available in two sizes (approximately 36″ and 60″ lengths) – making it convenient for those with a deck, ground, or brick pavers floor.

The EAC™ 36 Crank is designed for awning heights approximately 8′ feet from patio or deck floor up to the awning (vertically).

The EAC™ 60 Crank is convenient for awning heights from 9′ to 11′ (feet) from patio or deck floor up to the awning (vertically).

Easy Awning Crank (EAC™) comes with a 30 day money back warranty and ships FREE within the Continental United States. 

Check out our Testimonials to see what our customers have to say about Easy Awning Crank and our products.

AMER_MADEEasy Awning Crank is used for RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL and INDUSTRIAL retractable awnings and is made in the USA.

This inexpensive product can be operated with ease using a ½” 18v battery operated drill (not included). Easy Awning Crank allows you to open and close your awning faster and easier than a manual crank which takes more physical effort.

Motorized awnings tend to be much more expensive than the EAC™ cranks. You are likely to use your awning more often with the EAC™ compared to a manual crank. BLACK DRILL CU NICEThe EAC™ PATENTED #D0776507 product attaches to your awning where a manual crank does. If the power suddenly goes out or if high winds and rain occur, when used properly, EAC™ will quickly close your awning.

In comparison to a hollow aluminum hand crank, we offer high quality powder coated SOLID STEEL cranks in the following two sizes:  36” and 60″.

TESTIMONIAL: “Just put up a new awning and discovered quickly that manual crank takes a lot of work. Found your product online and looking forward to receiving it.” – Tim Krinock





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