Check out our testimonials to see what our customers have to say about Easy Awning Crank and our products:

“When I first Googled “Awning Crank” last fall, I knew there HAD to be a better way than the hand crank that my awning company provided. I had just installed 3 screens to partition off my 14′ square gazebo, and was looking for a BETTER solution. I saw the website for EASYAWNINGCRANK and reluctantly bought one as a test. I have a great drill, and have been using this crank since last fall!

I am here to say, this is the BEST way to open and close my awnings quickly, and efficiently. It’s easy and my whole family can do it. It’s takes 5% of the time that doing it manually took. So, after a year, I convinced myself that there is an EVEN BETTER way! I just returned to the site: https://www.easyawningcrank.com to purchase TWO MORE cranks. Now I don’t have to unhook the crank and move it to each of the screens. A quick hand twist of the drill chuck, and I can connect to each one without moving it! 

I don’t get anything for the review, but want to say, I love the product, and the special attention they gave me when I returned to buy two more was a great way to treat a customer!” – Jon J, The Woodlands Texas


“We just love our EAC™ 60 Hand Crank. No more banging our knuckles on the brick wall like when we used our old manual crank. Thank you, EAC™!” – Jennifer Hawley


“Our power went out right after we bought a EAC™60 Crank during a bad rain and wind storm. I am so glad we bought this. It saved our expensive retractable awning.”  – Gail Miller


“Just put up a new awning and discovered quickly that manual crank takes a lot of work. Found your product online and looking forward to receiving it.”  – Tim Krinock


Easy Awning Crank (EAC™) is an affordable alternative for retractable awning cranks and is available for many types of awnings: 

  • Home Awnings
  • RV or Camper awnings
  • Patio awnings
  • Deck awnings
  • Window awnings
  • Doorwall awnings
  • Cottage awnings
  • Casita awnings

Easy Awning Crank is the ideal replacement for manual and automatic awning cranks, EAC™ makes opening your awning easy while saving you money!

Easy Awning Crank offers an alternative to the awning hand crank.  EAC™ is the Crank Handle Supplier for Retractable Manual Awnings. This awning crank handle pole product is available in two sizes (approximately 36″ and 60″ lengths) – making it convenient for those with a deck, ground, or brick pavers floor.

The EAC™ 36 Crank is designed for awning heights approximately 8′ feet from patio or deck floor up to the awning (vertically).

The EAC™ 60 Crank is convenient for awning heights from 9′ to 11′ (feet) from patio or deck floor up to the awning (vertically).

Easy Awning Crank (EAC™) comes with a 30 day money back warranty and ships FREE within the Continental United States. 

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